Leathers Used in our Chesterfield Sofas, Chairs & Furniture

Futura LeathersWe supply all our chesterfield sofas, chairs and other furniture covered in leather manufactured by one of Italy's leading tanneries in northern Italy, Futura Leather. They have a distribution network across the world with a major warehouse located within 10 miles of our factory in Manchester. They offer a comprehensive range of colours and finishes with a consistency of product quality and customer service that ensures continuity of supply consistency of quality.


Full grain aniline dyed leather with a hand distressed surface highlighting the

characteristic and beauty of the selected hides. A water repellent protective coating has been applied to help protect the hide surface. (Thickness ca. 1.4mm)



Soft full grain leather with natural texture and deep lustre, a light bicolour finish has been applied for a classic appearance. (Thickness ca. 1.0mm)



Distinctive two tone hide with a very soft handle, the surface feels like a wax aniline hide but with a greater performance level. It is produced on semi corrected material but has not been printed therefore retaining its softness. (Thickness ca. 1.0mm)



Natural grain leather offering a soft waxy feel, allowing the sauvage look to a mature time. Please note that only a minimal surface coating has been applied, giving a more natural appearance. (Thickness ca. 1.0mm)



Fine grain leather with a “pull up” characteristic, the leather when stretched lightens to the hide dye colour giving a pleasant contrast of shades. A minimal surface coating has been applied to show the natural appearance. (Thickness ca. 1.0mm)



Deluxe top grain leather, smooth finish and soft feel in plain colours.

(Thickness ca. 1.0mm)



Very fine corrected grain leather with a rich semi aniline appearance, soft to the touch.

(Thickness ca. 1.0mm)



Corrected grain leather with a slight two tone appearance and rich finish. Available in a range of classy colours. (Thickness ca. 1.1mm)



Oiled “pull up” leather which is distinctive by the fact that the hides selected for this article have scars and marks within them to add character to a finished piece.

(Thickness ca. 1.0mm)



Natural grain leather with a soft waxy feel; Highland is produced on a more economical raw material and as such natural marks will add to the character. Please note that only a minimal surface coating has been applied, giving a more natural appearance.

(Thickness ca. 1.0mm)



Fine corrected grain leather with a very soft feel, plain in colour. (Thickness ca. 1.0mm)



Corrected grain leather, the two tone finish gives a light sauvage effect, soft feel and good texture. (Thickness ca. 1.0mm)


Birch Plain

Attractive corrected grain leather, plain finish with a soft feel. (Thickness ca. 1.0mm)


Birch Antique

Fine corrected grain leather with an antique top coat which can be “rubbed off” to reveal the base colour beneath giving an aged appearance. (Please note that this is carried out after the leather has been upholstered) (Thickness ca. 1.0mm)


With this great choice of colours and finishes, we are confident that you can create the chesterfield sofa of your dreams.


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